The First OCESTA Symposium Postponed

I regret to inform you that the 1st OCESTA Symposium, which was originally scheduled to take place at Stanford University, Dec. 11-12, 1999, will be postponed. This decision was made mainly because two other similar meetings will take place within five months; (1) Chinese Geological Science Symposium (Aug. 7-10, 1999; Beijing), and (2) the 60th Anniversary Reunion for the Department of Geology, National Taiwan University (Nov-Dec., 1999; Taipei).

Prof. J.G. Liou has agreed to serve as the leader of OCESTA delegation for the meeting in Beijing. I would like to remind you that the deadline for submitting abstract for that meeting is April 30, 1999. For detail, please see the announcement in our website ( ), or contact Prof. Liou at (650) 723-2716 or . The date for the reunion in Taipei has not been decided; I will keep you posted once I have the information. I would like to encourage you to attend these two meetings.

The next president of OCESTA will be elected by the end of this year, and the new president will decide when and where to have our 1st OCESTA Symposium.

With my best wishes,

I-Ming Chou
President of OCESTA