Third Circular of The Second "World Chinese Conference on Geological Sciences"

Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA

August 2-4, 2000

Sponsors: Overseas Chinese Earth Science and Technology Association (OCESTA)

    Geological Society of China
    Chinese Natural National Science Foundation
    National Taiwan University
    National Central University
    University of Hong Kong

Theme: Geology of China and Trends of Earth Sciences for the New Millennium

Organizing Committee:

    J.G. (Louie) Liou, (Chairman; Stanford University)
    I-Ming Chou (Co-chairman; U.S. Geological Survey)
    Ta-liang Teng (Co-chairman; University of Southern California)
    Sun Shu (Co-chairman, Natural National Science Foundation, China)
    Chen Yuchuan (Co-chairman, Geological Society of China, Beijing)
    Yi-Ben Tsai (Co-chairman, National Central University)
    Ho-kwang Mao (Geophysical Laboratory)
    Cong Bolin (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing)
    Milly Wang (Geological Society of China, Beijing)
    Ching-Hua Lo (National Taiwan University)
    Min Sun (University of Hong Kong)
    William H.K. Lee (U.S. Geological Survey, retired)
    An Yin (University of California, Los Angeles)
    Youxue Zhang (University of Michigan)
    Zhanhao Duan (University of California, San Diego)


Program Committee:

    Edmund Chang (Chairman; Stanford University)
    Chen-Lin Chou (Co-chairman; Illinois State Geological Survey)
    Ta-liang Teng (Co-Chairman; University of Southern California)
    Yao Yupeng (Natural National Science Foundation, China)
    Ruth Zhang (Stanford University)
    Wang Yanjun (Geological Society of China, Beijing)
    Li-Yuan Hsiao (Stanford University)
    Yong-Jun Yue (Stanford University)


The three-day program will provide two days of scientific sessions and one day for geological field observations, sightseeing, and fellowship in the scenic northern California. The formal presentations will be in Chinese and the final program will be announced in late June or early July 2000, in the 4th circular. Please note that:

  1. All presentations will be oral, unless you specified a poster presentation; We will provide only a few poster boards for you to post new maps, new books, and other important information.
  2. Except for the keynote presentations, each oral presentation will be limited to 20 minutes (15 minutes for presentation, and 5 minutes for discussion and changeover time between speakers). We probably will have three simultaneous oral sessions, except during the keynote presentations. Each room will be equipped with 2 screens, two 2" x 2" (35mm) slide projectors, and two overhead (viewgraph) projectors. If you need other audio and video equipment (including VHS player and monitor, MS Power Point Presentation), please contact Yong-Jun Yue (<>).

  3. Keynote speeches:

We will have six keynote speeches (25 minute each) as listed below. The first five plenary speeches will be given in the morning of August 2nd, and Prof. Lee Typhoon will present his lecture in the morning of August 4th.

[1] REN Jishun: New Development in the Study of China Tectonics – from Global Perspective;

[2] CHEN Yuchuan: The Situation and Countermeasures for Mineral Resources in China;

[3] TENG Ta-liang: The Potential Impact of the Chi-Chi Earthquake on Seismological Research;

[4] MAO Ho-kwang: High Pressure -- A New Dimension in Studies of Earth and Planetary Interiors;

[5] YIN An: New Approach in the Earth Science Education and Research in 21st Century; and

[6] LEE Typhoon: New Trend in Geochemistry: Past Global Change and Extraterrestrial Sample Return.


We have received 90 abstracts. The deadline for submitting poster abstracts is June 20, 2000. We accept only black/white figures and maps with the maximum length of the abstract at 5 pages. If you need to modify your abstracts, please send the revised abstract before July 1st, 2000, to:

    Li-Yuan Hsiao
    Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
    Stanford University
    Stanford, CA 94305
    e-mail: hsiao@pangea.Stanford.EDU


Registration Fee:

We have received minor financial supports from Natural National Science Foundation, China, National Youth Commission, Executive Yuan, Taiwan, and School of Earth Sciences and Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences of Stanford University. If these funds are successfully transferred to our account, a registration fee of US$140 for each participant and US$70 for each student, accompanying person, and keynote speaker will be charged. It will cover the costs for the abstract volume, meals (including 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, one banquet on 8/2, and one dinner on 8/4), coffee, tea, and other drinks for breaks and poster sessions, and transportation for field trip, during the meeting, and between airport and motel.


    The cost for the motels nearby Stanford area is very expensive. We have made arrangements with the first three motels. Please make your own reservation as early as possible, because it will be difficult to find rooms available in the area near Stanford University in August. The easiest way to make reservation is by sending a fax directly to the motel or you may send e-mail to Ms. WANG who will pair you to smoking or non-smoking rooms. You may also make reservation with Super 8 (see hotel No. 4 below) through internet; it offers group rate. If you are from mainland China, and need help, please contact:

    Ms. WANG, Yanjun
    Geological Society of China
    26 Baiwanzhuang Rd., Beijing 100037, China
    Fax: 86-10-68311324
    e-mail: "Geo SC" <>

(1) Sky Ranch Inn:

    Address: 4234 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, California, CA 94306
    Phone: (650) 493-7221
    Fax: (650) 493-0858
    There are 11 rooms of two beds, $85/night. There are 17 rooms of one bed (king-size or queen-size), $75/night (for one or two persons)
    Continental breakfast is included.

(2) Oak Motel:

    Address: 4279 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, California, CA 94306
    Phone: (650) 493-6644
    (650) 493-6645
    Fax: (650) 493-3593

    There are 18 rooms with two beds, $90/night. There are 21 rooms with one bed, $70/night (for one or two persons)
    Continental breakfast is included.

(3) Motel 6:

    Address: 4301 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306
    Phone: (650) 949-0833
    Fax: (650) 941-0782

    There are about 60 rooms available, either with two beds or with one king-size bed. The rates are $69.29/night for one person (Monday to Thursday) and 80.29/night for weekend $75.89/ night for two persons (Monday to Thursday) and $86.89/night for weekend. They don't serve continental breakfast but only coffee.

 (4) Super 8: (for detail, local map, and reservation, see the web site ) [Specify the city of Palo Alto in California when you search in the web site]

    Address: 3200 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306
    Phone: 650-493-9085 or 1-800-800-8000
    Fax: (650) 493-8405

Local Transportation:

We will try to arrange your transportation between San Francisco Airport and motel. Please give the following information to Ms. Wang Yanjun: (1) dates of arrival and departure; (2) flight numbers and arrival and departure time; (3) how many people in your group; and (4) which motel will you stay and the length of your stay.

Otherwise, make your own arrangement with Bay Porter Express at:

Phone: (415) 467-1800, or 1-800-287-6783 (from San Francisco Airport only);
Fax: (415) 467-8783.

Price: $19 for the first passenger, additional passenger $10 each, and children under 12 years old $5 each. 2 bags per person, additional bags $2 each. (Prices subject to change).

For a group of 7 passengers, the total cost will be $60 (better to have reservation about two weeks in advance).

Medical Insurance:

We suggest that you purchase your own medical insurance for the period of your visit in United States. It is important to have this protection, because the medical expenses in US are quite expensive. Stanford University, OCESTA, and any other sponsors of this conference will not be responsible for any of your medical expenses.

Additional Information:

(1) Currently we have more than 150 people indicated that they would attend the meeting; the list of possible participants and the list of abstracts received will soon be given in the announcement section of OCESTA web site (

(2) We have sent most of formal invitation letters for visa application; the last batch will be sent out on May 22, 2000. If you need an invitation letter for visa application, and haven’t received it by June 10, please let us know right away. If you plan to make additional travel or stay to the other cities or organizations during your visit to the U.S., please make your own arrangement.

(3) The 4th Circular, including the final program, will be announced in late June or early July 2000. We expect all papers will be presented in the conference. However, if you know for sure that you will, for whatever reason, not be able to come to present your paper, please notify us as soon as possible, so that we can make necessary adjustment in our program.

(4) Edmund Chang has visited China twice in the past few months, and will be there again in June and most of July. He probably will not be able to respond to your request right away.

(5) For more information, please contact Edmund Chang (, I-Ming Chou (< >), J. G. Liou (< >) or Wang Milly/Wang Yanjun (< >). To be more efficient, please communicate with organizers in English.

(6) We like your constructive suggestions for the conference. Please send them to us.