Chemical geodynamics was developed as an integrated study of the chemical and physical structure and evolution of the solid Earth. It deals with the chemical composition of different spheres within the Earth and interactions between them. Advances in the theory of plate tectonics has made it the forefront of modern geochemistry. The China continent is composed of a number of continental plates which have been moved either divergently or convergently since Archean. This provides Chinese geoscientists a very important opportunity to study the generation and evolution of continental plates.

The chemical geodynamics has been advocated in China by a number of excellent oversea-returned geochemists since 1990's. Much progress has been made by the new generation of Chinese geochemists in the relatively new field in China. Furthermore, much attention has been paid to this very promising field not only by traditional geochemists, geologists and geophysists, but also by government administrations (including the Natural Science Foundation of China). In order to promote the advanced studies of chemical geodynamics in China, we are organizing the "National Symposium on Chemical Geodynamics", which is expected to hold in the middle of February, 2000 in the University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei.

Main focus of the symposium is intended on the following aspects:
(1) the chemical and physical structure of the Earth's interior and interactions between different spheres;
(2) chemical and physical nature of minerals and rocks relevant to kinetic transition;
(3) geodynamics of plate movement relevant to mineralizations; (
(4) fluid processes and their effects on petrogenesis and metallogenesis;
(5) applications of new techniques and new approaches to the Earth sciences.

Oversea Chinese scholars and students are welcome to attend this symposium by presenting their own work in this field. The organizing Committee has raised funds to support the oversea participants by paying them accommodation during the symposium and one-way ticket for international travelling. However, the funds are only enough to support about 10 persons, so that a selection has to be made by competition on the basis of both quality of submitted paper and personal academic background.

All participants have to submit an extended abstract of about 2000 words (in Chinese or English) prior to October 1, 1999 to the Organizing Committee in Hefei. Three copies of a printed version are required with the file of this abstract in a disk (or transfer it in an attachment via Email to:

In order to efficiently organize this symposium, particularly make an appropriate arrangement to the oversea participants, interested persons have to contact Dr. Yong-Fei Zheng as soon as possible (not later than August 1).

Please take this opportunity to visit your homeland during the Spring Festival and to meet the outstanding young Chinese geoscientists in Hefei.

Contact person:
Dr. Yong-Fei Zheng
Professor and Chairman
Department of Earth and Space Sciences
University of Science and Technology of China
Hefei 230026, PR China
Tel.: (+86) 551 3603384 Fax: (+86) 551 3603554