Constitution and Bylaws

of the Overseas Chinese Earth Science and Technology Association

(drafted 10/98, revised 12/3/98)



Article I. Name

The name of this organization is the Overseas Chinese Earth Science and Technology Association, hereafter referred to as OCESTA.


Article II. Purpose

To consolidate and foster the organizational activities of overseas Chinese earth science and technology professionals around the world for promoting the development of earth science and technology and fellowship among the members. The OCESTA is a non-political organization.


Article III. Objectives

1. To stimulate interest in research and education in earth science among overseas Chinese earth science and technology professionals.

2. To organize professional activities to disseminate information, exchange ideas, and provide educational opportunities in earth science and technology.

3. To promote research and education in earth science and technology in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

4. To promote and facilitate scientific exchange with earth science and technology professionals in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

5. To promote fellowship among members of the Association.

6. To promote cooperation and coordination with other organizations and professionals with similar interest.


Article IV. Membership

1. The membership of the association shall open to all persons who are concerned with the promotion of the Association’s purposes and objectives.

2. Membership classification, qualifications, duties and privileges shall be established in the Bylaws of the Association.


Article V. Government

1. The government of the Association shall be vested in a Council. Membership on the Council, the election process, terms of office, specific duties and responsibilities of Council members, as well as other matters relevant to the Council, shall be provided in the Bylaws of this Association. Any responsibilities and authority of government of this Association not otherwise specified in these governing documents shall be reserved to the Council.


Article VI. Bylaws

The Bylaws, as appended hereto, are hereby adopted and may be amended, enlarged, or reduced as provided by the Bylaws.


Article VII. Amendments

This constitution can be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of respondents by mail ballot. Amendment proposals can be made by the Council, or by a petition signed by ten (10) percent of the members of the Association. Proposed amendments must be ratified by the Council before submission to a vote by the members.




Article I. Membership Classes and Eligibility

1. Members shall be classified as follows:

a) Member - a person whose professional activities or interests are in keeping with the objectives of the Association.

b) Honorary Member - a person distinguished in a scientific discipline of significance to the Association and who have contributed considerably to the purposes of the Association.

C) Student Member - any student majoring in earth science.


Article II. Procedures for Election to Membership

1. A person desiring membership in the Overseas Chinese Earth Science and Technology Association (OCESTA) must petition the Council on an approved membership application. The applicant must be informed of Council’s acceptance or rejection as soon as practical.

2. Honorary Member are elected for life by a majority of the Council after being nominated by a committee.


Article III. Dues

1. Annual dues shall be determined by the Council and shall be assessed on a calender year basis.

2. Any member in arrears with membership dues shall not be entitled to privileges as stated in Articles IV of the Bylaws.


 Article IV. Duties and Privileges of Members

1. Members in good standing shall receive all publications of the Association.

2. Members in good standing shall have the privilege of holding office, voting, serving on Association committees, and transacting the business of the Association.


Article V. Council

1. Council shall be composed of :

a) president

b) vice-president

c) secretary-treasurer

d) two(2) councilors

e) editor

2. The Council shall have the ultimate executive control and management of affairs and funds of this Association. Duties include planning for an annual meeting, determination of applicant qualifications and membership, administering funds for the benefit of the Association, and any other duties required to accomplish the objectives of the Association.

3. The Council shall meet at the annual meeting, and at the call of the President. Roberts Rules of Order shall apply at all Council meetings and a simple majority of Council members shall constitute a quorum. Council members may act on Association matters by mail or telephone if needed.


Article VI. Officers

1. The officers of this Association shall be as follows: president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer, two(2) councilors, and an editor. Terms of office shall be for two years.

2. The president shall be the chief executive officer of the Association and shall preside over all meetings of the Association and Council.

3. The vice-president shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the president if the president is absent or unable to serve, and shall assume the office of president in the event of a vacancy for any cause.

4. The secretary-treasurer shall be responsible for recording the actions of the Council, shall supervise the receipt of all funds and, under the direction of the Council, be responsible for all distributions of funds of the Association. In the absence of both the president and vice-president, the duties of presiding officer shall be performed by the secretary-treasurer.

5. The councilors shall perform specific duties as directed by the Council.

6. The editor shall be responsible for all publications.

7. All officers shall serve a two(2)-years term, commencing January 1 following election. The president shall not be eligible for an immediate second term in the same office.



Article VII. Election

1. The president shall appoint an election committee of not less than three(3) members, one of whom shall be designated as Chairman.

2. The Election Committee shall be responsible for nomination of candidates for presidency, and conduct the election of the president of the Association by means of ballot.

3. The vice-president, secretary-treasurer, councils, and editor are appointed by the president.


Article VIII. Publications, Website

1. The Council is authorized to provide for publications in keeping with the objectives of the Association.

2. The Council shall have the responsibility for providing ways to maintain the Internet website of the Association.


Article IX. Awards

1. The Council shall have the responsibility for establishing an awards committee, approve the recipients of awards, and accord them appropriate recognition.


Article X. Committees

1. The Council shall have the authority to establish, direct and dissolve standing committees of the Association.

2. The appointment of Chairs of committees shall be at the direction of the Council.

3. Ad hoc committees may be appointed by the president upon approval of the Council to consider specific questions, or conduct specific studies.

4. Each committee chair shall submit an annual written report to the Council.


Article XI. Annual Meeting

1. One meeting of the Association each year shall be designated as the Annual meeting. The Council shall designate the time and place of the meeting.

2. At the Annual Meeting there shall be a business meeting, at which time the Council may present to the Members present items of business for information, recommendation, discussion, or vote.

Article XII. Amendments

1. Amendments of these Bylaws may be proposed by the following means: resolution of the Council, or written proposal signed by ten (10) percent of the members of the Association.

2. Proposed amendments shall be approved by the Council, which then shall submit such amendments to the Members present at the annual business meeting, and shall be passed by a two-third (2/3) affirmative vote of the Members voting.