Second Circular

(Organized by Liou, Cong, Maruyama & Ernst)

December 4-6, 1998

We have received very good responses from the first circular for the Stanford UHPM workshop in this coming December right before the Fall AGU meeting, 1998. This 2 and half-day workshop will cover 3 major themes

1. Petrogenesis and Tectonics of UHP terranes in east central China with specifics on the funded Continental Deep Drilling Project in Donghai;

2. Petrogenesis and Tectonics of the Kokchetav Massif with emphasis on new mapping results by Japanese;

3. UHP Garnet peridotities as new windows into mantle processes.

A special AGU session on Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphism and Geodynamics in Collision-Type Orogenic Belts is also scheduled. In addition, we are in the process to prepare a final report for the Task Group III-6 of International Lithosphere Program on UHP Metamorphism and Geotectonics to be published in IGR in 1999. Moreover, many of you may have learned that the Chinese Continental Drilling Project in Donghai of the Sulu UHP terrane has recently been approved by the ICDP. The Stanford workshop will provide an opportunity for discussion and scientific exchanges with regard to these new scientific activities as we plan to initiate a new Task Group for our continuous exchanges for the study of the UHPM tectonics.

We plan to edit three special issues respectively for the above three themes in the Journal of Metamorphic Geology (#3), Island Arcs (#2) and Continental Dynamics (#1). The details for manuscript preparation will be sent to you later. When you receive this e-mail, please return the attached response to me at your earliest convenience.

We reminds you the following important events and deadlines:

August 26 Fall AGU Abstracts due October 16

Workshop Abstract (on plain paper, 1 to 4 pages) submitted to Louie

Confirmation for attending the workshop notified to Louie

December 4-6 Workshop at Stanford (Oral + Poster)

December 7 to 11 AGU meeting in San Francisco

December 15 Manuscript due for Special Issues

Because this workshop will not be supported by the TASK-Group III-6, we need to charge each of you $ 100 for abstract volume, coffee, beer, 2 lunches (12/5 & 12/6) + one banquet (12/5). We will collect this fee at the meeting. We anticipate to have at least 50 participants; many have given me the titles of their presentation. Please send me your abstract by October 16, the latest date through e-mail attachment; the content can be the same as your abstract for the AGU meeting. We will bind these abstracts together and distribute to all workshop participants and friends and members of the International Lithosphere Project III-6.

If you need an invitation to process your visa application, please let me know soon. I will be away in China - Taiwan - Japan during the period of July 7 to August 20. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Attached herewith is a response form and we are looking forward to receiving it soon.

Best regards



Response form


To: Prof. J. G. (Louie) Liou

Dept. of Geological & Environmental Sciences

Stanford University

Stanford, CA 94305

Tel. # 415-723-2716 Fax #: 650 - 725-0979, 650 - 725-2199

e-mail address: liou@pangea.stanford.edu

1. I am interested in attending the Workshop at Stanford on December 4-6, 1998.

(please circle one of the following three)

    Yes          No         Not certain

2. I will present a paper as (please circle one of the following two)

    Oral Presentation Post Paper

Tentative title(s) of my paper(s) is _______________________________________


 3. I am interested in contributing a manuscript for :

A. Topics #1 (UHPM in east Central China) (Continental Dynamics):

B. Topics #2 (UHPM in the Kokchetav Massif) (Island Arc):

B. Topics # 3 (Garnet Peridotites and others) (Jour. Metamorphic Geol.):

 4. I need your help to arrange local accomodation, etc



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